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Single Girder EOT Cranes

We manufacture single girder EOT cranes in both plate welded box girder as well as I-beam types as per your required specifications. Read more

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JIB cranes

We manufacture JIB cranes for work stations, tool shops, for loading & unloading purposes etc. Our JIB crane capacity ranges from 0.5 tons to 5 tons.

Read more

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Transfer Cars

Transfer cars are majorly used for transferring heavy objects, coils, jobs etc. from one place to another at ground level.

Read more

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Electric wire rope hoist

We provide electric wire rope hoist and chain hoists with material handling capabilities ranging from 5ookg to 10tons.We provide Read more

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Double Girder EOT Cranes

We manufacture double girder EOT cranes for all types of industrial applications including: Heavy duty cranes for steel plants, cement plants, galvanizing plants, special purpose cranes etc. Read more


Goliath Cranes

We manufacture Goliath cranes which is majorly used in outdoor applications. These cranes run on rails that are fitted at ground levels. Hence, these cranes are used where elevated Gantry arrangements are not possible as in case of normal EOT Cranes. Read more


Splice Joint Cranes

Splice joint cranes are those type of cranes where the extra long bridge girders are dismantled into multiple sections and can be joint together again using high tensile machined bolts by a special design specific to splice joint cranes. Read more


EOT Crane spares

We also deliver all eot crane spare parts such as DSL bus bars, all types of geared couplings, helical gear boxes, thrustor brakes, wired/radio remote pendant, Read more

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