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Single Girder EOT Crane

We manufacture single girder EOT cranes in both plate welded box girder as well as I-beam types as per your required specifications.

      The features include:

  • We use Squirrel cage Crane duty motors in International frame size of S4 duty, class B/F for frequent start/stop operations.

  • Double grooved rope drum (RH/LH) for straight lifting at all heights. Rotary and Gravity Limit switches for hoist is prone to breakdown.

  • Direct Axle mounted Geared Brake motor for Long Travel Drive.

  • Customized travel speed achieved through VFD for hassle-free movement.

  • Maintenance Platform for regular servicing and maintenance of Electric Hoist and LT Drive.

  • Option for Electro Hydraulic Thrustor Brake for Hoist & Long Travel motion.

  • We provide open winch type electric hoist which are designed as per IS:3938 with an option for custom Built hoist with high hoisting & Travel speeds for special requirement & high lift.

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